Olive oil is believed to offer many health benefits and is used to cure some important ailments. It has an extensive application in medicines thereby. But besides medicines olive oil is very versatile oil that is used in soap making, religious rituals, in oil lamps as a fuel and in cosmetics as a skin care agent.

cosmetic uses

For Skin

Olive oil has an exclusive use for skin care. For men and women who are conscious about their body and beauty olive oil is a good skin care treatment solution. Olive oil is supposed to be a natural skin care remedy. It can be used all over the body on your skin and can prove to be a healthy, natural and soothing solution to skin care needs. The skin around your eyes is most benefited if you have dark circles and other problems in that area.

For Hair

Olive oil is a great bet for your hair in case you need healthier, silky and shiny hair. It can clean your hair and touch the scalp with some of its healing powers. Olive oil is also used for hair loss, hair strengthening and grey hair. In fact it has its applications in many more ailments. Hair care tends to be more common.

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