Chamomile Oil is extracted from the flowers of the Chamomile plant which is very popular as a flowering plant. There are two types of Chamomile, namely, the Roman Chamomile which is scientifically known as Anthemis Nobilis and the German Chamomile whose scientific name is Matricaria Chamomilla. Although the essential oils extracted from both the varieties are quite similar in medicinal properties, yet they differ to some extent when it comes to their composition and certain properties.

The Roman Chamomile Oil is more calming and is a better emenagogue, the German Chamomile is a very powerful anti inflammatory due to presence of a compound called Azulene (It is a nitrogenous compound and is responsible for giving it a characteristic deep blue color).

cosmetic uses

For Skin

Chamomile oil has great wound healing properties and is extensively used with skin problems such as rashes, acne, eczema, psoriasis, hypersensitive skin and allergic conditions.

Its anti-inflammatory nature will soothe redness and itching, reduce swelling and heat associated with dermatitis and prevent inflammation and negative reactions due to irritating cosmetics.

Chamomile oil is most helpful in relieving skin congestion, to cure acne, other skin disorders and softens the skin.

Chamomile is the most commonly used oil in aroma therapy, which can be attributed to its tranquilizing and relaxing effects. It smells fresh and fruity.

The flavonoids as well as the lipophilic (sesquiterpenes) compounds found in camomile oil help to reduce capillary fragility, which in turn helps to strengthen the skin. The vasoconstrictor properties again help to reduce redness of the skin, which is due to enlarged capillaries.

For Hair

An oily scalp produces excess scalp cells that end up drying out and falling off in patches of dandruff. Chamomile can correct the scalp’s oil and water balance so that the scalp is not overly dry.

Chamomile strengthens and revitalizes the outer layers of hair. It minimizes damage caused by internal ailments, toxic chemical hair products, sun, harsh detergents, heat from styling appliances and the environment.

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