Bamboo is presumed to have originated in Asia. An analysis of bamboo shows that it contains moisture 88.8 per cent, protein 3.9 per cent, fat 0.5 per cent, minerals 11 per cent and carbohydrates 5.7 per cent per 100 grams of its edible portion. Calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacine and vitamin C are amongst its vitamin and minerals. Its calorific value is 43.

Bamboo leaves are a rich source of hydrocyanic and benzoic acids. Tender bamboo-shoots contain various enzymes such as nuclease, deamidase, proteolytic enzym.e, amylase, amigdalin splitting and silicon splitting enzymes. Besides, the juice of the pressed bamboo-shoots possesses protease activity which helps digestion of proteins.

cosmetic uses

For Skin

The Bamboo marrow is a natural substance that gives excellent results in scalp restoring.

Used in synergy with mineral salts it brings all the organic substances the hair body needs.

In the meantime it keratinizes the hair outer layer restoring its integrity, unmatched for chemical treated hair.

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